Explosions of Neon Lights.

Remember. Remember. The fifth of November, of gunpowder, treason and plot…

Yes, I know. Today is not Guy Fawkes’ Night. Today is the Independence day of United States. Although, these two celebrations have one thing in common. Fireworks.

Fireworks are illegal in Texas since it’s very dry and a wildfire could easily start. However, this did not stop these two friends. They were partners-in-crime. Lighting up fireworks right in his own backyard – or should I say roof? A most memorable fourth of July, it was, for Jack and Jill. Originally, they had planned to celebrate the night with four more other people. But, come 9 o’clock, none of these people showed up. After stocking up the cellar and laboring over an elaborate festive meal, it was only the two of them were faced with a celebration fit for 10 people. But no matter, Jack and Jill enjoyed each other’s company quite immensely. See, they cared for each other in ways no one else could fathom. It was a type of care only the closest friend could ever achieve, while keeping themselves within the  bounds of friendship. Over dinner, they would pour out every story their minds could think of. Nothing could stop the chatting. A game of puns was even brought up. That was thought to be of utmost delight. They ate, they laughed, the drank. It was a memorable night.
After dinner, when their bellies were all full and stuffed, they headed outside to light fireworks. Jack had quite a few of them. He first lit up the typical, straight shot firework. Although, some of them did not work for they seem quite old. It seems that most of them were leftover from the previous years’ celebration. Thereafter, he lit up these interesting little fireworks. They were round and bounced on the pavement. Jack and Jill giggled and laughed while they watched this little ball of fire in awe until each one of them slowly faded away.
Running out of fireworks, Jack had a tremendous idea. He grabbed a ladder a propped it straight up. He told Jill to follow him as he slowly climbs to the roof of his house. There they sat in the dark an gazed into the midnight sky. It was dark enough to see the vast majority of stars hovering above them. Then, flashes of neon light caught their eye. In a distance, fireworks were dancing in the sky. They sat together on that roof, talking about whatever nonsense or story or joke that had crossed their minds.
With the food, drinks, and fireworks, it had become a night to remember.

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