Off to the City.

You know that moment when you’re trying to be what everyone wants you to be, and suddenly, you feel lost. Like your walking on a clear cut yellow brick road, off to Emerald city, but then you somehow encounter a fog that takes you somewhere gloomy and dark. It takes you to a place full of misery, worry, and regret. You try and fight it, just so you can go back to that path. But sometimes, you see this red light that is just mesmerizing so you follow it, thinking that it would get you back to where you were. You keep following the light, and it is somehow taking you deeper into the fog. You get more worried and lost, so you try to go the opposite direction. You try to retrace your steps back to where you first encountered the fog, but then you realize that you’re in too deep. You look back to where the red light was, and it is gone. You look around you, and there’s nothing but thick, dense fog surrounding you. Occasionally, you would hear voices, perhaps have a conversation with them, and yet, you still can’t get out of this fog. However, after some time of pity and self-loathing, you’ve had enough, and you try to fight this. You stand up and keep going walking towards something. You are just letting your basic instincts take over. You start to stop caring and worrying about the fog. You just don’t care anymore. You go just keep going, hoping that someday this fog would clear up and you would reach Emerald city.

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