The Lack Thereof.

Hello Stranger,

It’s been a while since we’ve talked – or at least, I have said something. I am sure you’re wondering how my days, weeks, months have been. Since you well know that I recently moved to another college town, there is nothing very significant to say. You know that I spent the last month of summer in Math Camp, trying to catch up to those people who already have their PhD in Theoretical Mathematics. A weekend after that ended, I started my very first year (semester) of graduate school. It’s been fun, really. Just very busy with the amount of work that they are expecting from us. Only problem is that I feel like I have been slacking. I mean, considering I just have finished one homework that is not due until a week from now, my statement does not seem to hold very much. Well, I guess let me put it this way. I feel as though I am very behind in all skills required to succeed in this program, at the same time, I am not really doing as much as I can to enhance these skills. Actually, the latter part of that sentence is false. I am working on my skills, it’s not just in a robust way that I feel like I should be doing. A big part of me thinks that what I do today is not enough, but at the same time, I have this new found philosophy that I can only do so much. Maybe deep down inside I really do believe that I am capable of greatness, which is why I expect much higher things from myself. I am not really sure. I can’t really bank on that. Anyway, enough talk about serious study stuff. Let’s talk about how I, apparently, got nominated to be the pseudo-social planner of our group (class). It’s very interesting to me, they say that it’s because I am pretty much involved in all (most) activities. At the same time, they think that I am up for this “challenging” position. Honestly, I find some sort of enjoyment from organizing events and activities. There is an odd sense of accomplishment that I find comparable to the feeling of finishing a math problem. Okay, maybe not a very difficult math problem that includes proofing, but perhaps to that math problem that just takes time and patience. Anyway, I just can’t believe that I have been “maybe” elected to do this. It’s very fun for me. We already have decided to have Friday social nights that we are planning to call VFI’s, which stands for “Vodka Friday Iteration.” For those math people, I’m sure you have gotten the pun of the Value Function Iteration – or maybe not. Either way, I think it perfectly describes our Fridays. It’s not that we talk about math; it’s just that we make a lot of math and economic jokes, which is closely followed by a “loop” of drinking. Funny, I made this joke about how our drinking pattern after a midterm will closely resemble the graph of sin(1/x) where the oscillation increases in frequency exponentially (geometrically) as it approaches zero. If you can’t quite picture it, I suggest you google an image of it. It’s a very interesting metaphor, if you ask me. Okay, I know I have been talking in a very nerdy way. But, I find very funny how I make certain jokes that is only for a targeted audience. The connection I make between me and that audience is just very interesting to me. Anyway, Stranger, I feel like I have talked (typed) a lot tonight. I think it is time for me to rest. I will tell you more about my days pretty soon – perhaps tomorrow.

With that, I bid you adieu.

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