Investment and Savings.

I love that “beep beep boop” that goes on whenever I’m loading this page. I can just imagine some robot, like R2-D2, saying that. It’s pretty cute.

Anyway, as I have mentioned last night that I am trying to get back into blogging. So, let’s talk about today – or rather my thoughts on what happened today.

Fridays are the days where we (my cohorts and I) go to our mandatory review classes. And believe me, it was exhausting. I completely forgot we were going to have a diagnostic test in one of them, so that definitely kicked my butt. I just felt completely stupid on it. I mean, I tried my best, and eventually, I had some odd sense of accomplishment after it. But still, I absolutely forgot some concepts covered. I am beginning to realize how behind I am in my class, like if I were to rank myself in class, I would be very close to the bottom. However, on a more positive note, ranking does not matter once you start. You just have to make the extra effort in learning everything quick. I feel a little rusty with my Econ concepts while math skills are close to non-existent, especially compared to what the program is requiring of us. But, for some reason, I feel like I can still stick it through. I am really wanting to put in the extra time in catching up with the material. I mean, we haven’t gone in too deep where I am struggling. And no, I am not overwhelmed by any of it, as opposed to what my colleagues are experiencing. I don’t know why, but I have this sense of nonchalance when it comes to the amount of work we have to put it. I don’t have any negative opinions on it. I am just happy to be here. I am actually excited with the amount of work that we have to do. Yes, I know I said this last night already. But, I think that I want to iterate this thinking because when times get tough and I need something to remind me of how I got here, then this would be the best way to put it – in my own words. I think that typing all of these down would be a good investment, as a would-be economist would say, because this will serve as an affirmation in the near future.

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