As always, it’s been a while…

Express, express, express yourself.
That’s what people say you should do when your mind is filled with clutter and insanity. So here I am. Typing away. Enjoying the soothing sound of the keyboard clicking. Trying to relax my pounding headache. I have a theory that I have been diagnosed with this predicament because of hunger. And of course, I am always hungry. Food is always an issue. I can’t stand being unhealthy, but then there’s my guilty pleasure: instant ramen. Ah, the amount of sodium and preservatives one package has. But still, I am addicted to them. I am trying my best to contain myself. Let’s try and be creative, shall we? I need to be a little bit more profound with cooking. In fact, I should be in love with cooking seeing as how I love to eat.

Enough of food. It’s time to savour the moment. It’s time to enjoy what little I have left of my gap year. And yes, people are coming over. They are slowly coming in with different shapes and colours. It’s time to entertain guests. Ciao.

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