One Thing Remains.

Hello, panic attack. We meet again. Yes, I know it’s you. I google-d “how to calm yourself and focus,” and guess what, you popped up. Heart Racing. Check. Slight tremors. Check. Upset stomach. Check. Heavy sense of being overwhelm. Check. So yes, I guess you’re keeping me in good company right now.

Well, how can I put this nicely?

Stay the hell away from me. Bring stress with you too. I can’t deal with you right now. It’s just aggravating me much more to know that you plan on bring your crew with you. Yes, I know your little circle of friends – bad decisions, regret. I know how you’re the new cancer in society, destroying lives wherever you go. I can’t take it anymore. I have better things to do with my life right now. Stop disrupting my daily routines and schedule.

I need to go and find my new place of zen. This current one is set ablaze by angry fires fuelled with contempt. I must take on this journey to find a new place. Hopefully somewhere green and lush, where the sun shines brightly over the treetops. The serene place holds its pristine self untouched by any negativity. I hope it will be a place so solemn that the winds bring a fresh sense of freedom.

I pray that I reach this new sense of self soon. I have gone from town to town, knowing that these things are temporary. I have yet found a stable, safe place to settle in. I must go on bearing the unpaved roads on bare feet, the cold sharp winds that cut through my skin, the darkness that seems to be haunting me ever since I embarked on this journey. I must fight through it. I must gather up all the courage and strength within me to keep the fire kindled – the fire that guides me through the darkness, the fire that keeps me warm, the fire that sustains my life’s existence.

So, to you panic attack, I condemn you along with your mighty circle of friends. I may live a harder life, but I have hope that I will find a place out of your reach.

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