Coup d’Etat.

Funny. I should be feeling that girly giddy vibe anytime right now.

But no, I’m just indifferent to all of it. Maybe it’s just a phase thing. I don’t know. Usually, whenever I would see something sweet/romantic (not overly though), I would get that elated feeling. The feeling where I can’t wipe the grin off my face. I just don’t have that feeling when I watch those kinds of videos anymore. Again, I don’t know why.

I was watching new music videos foreign artists, and usually, I would feel very giddy whenever I come across their sad love songs. Not today though. I just felt very cynical about it. The music video had the whole “bad boy/good guy” concept to it. You know, where the guy acts like he’s a badass but he’s generally very sweet/romantic. That type. Like where he’d do anything/everything for the girl, but ends up messing things up because of – I don’t know – anger issues. Or probably issues in general. Usually, the storyline would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As much as I hate to admit, that typical girlish feeling. I guess I’ve graduated from the high school girl phase. Then again, maybe it’s still there somewhere. Who knows.

The reason why I feel like I need to type this in is because I felt very cynical about it. It’s not that I’m not content with my relationship. In fact, I’m very happy about it. I’m probably not in the mood for any of it. Like I said, the music video I was watching was about the typical “bad boy” type. Of course, it’s a sad love song where the main characters are both sad. I was just thinking: why would this girl even like this guy granting that he is a bad person? I mean, seriously, why would girls fall head over heels for a badass when they would just have problems in the long-run? And then there’s the guy’s part. Since guys want more girls to like them, they do try their best to act like a badass and do all sorts of crazy things. Now, it’s cyclical. It’s like a rat race where they run in this wheel infinitely, trying to get that cheese in front of them. It’s all so nonsensical. I am appalled that that’s the situation my generation is facing. I really think if people go back to those simple, humble virtues, then they would eventually live out a content and happy life with someone who loves them just as they love that person. I don’t know. Maybe I’m too traditional for my peers, but I really think that setting up good principles and values as a strong foundation of the relationship will lead to something beautiful.

Obviously, I’m not giving any advice to anyone on love/relationships. These are just my humble ramblings on the absence of that girlish, giddy feeling.

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