Bands With Managers.

Have you ever felt giddy when you first hear a song? That calm, warm feeling that washes everything away. It’s just you and that song.

It’s like falling in love on the first note.

Just the strum of the guitar, the rhythm of the bass, the beats of the drum, gets your heart pumping – racing, even. That split second at the start of the song, where you know you’re captivated. You’re incapacitated with the ecstasy of the melody.

Then the song ends, and you’re left wandering. You try and search for a new song. You try and listen if that other song gives you that same feeling. That feeling of pure euphoria. That moment of bliss.

But, with every song comes with a complete and different experience, leaving you with a whole variation of memories. Memories that coalesce with songs, creating a more personal attraction between you and the song.

No one can ever understand how you perceive songs. No one can ever take their meaning from you. It has always been you and your songs. Your memories. Your life.

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