Blue Abyss.

He died.

She was devastated. It was unnatural for her to be so affected by these things, but this one did.

She was out by the riverbank with her usual backpack. The sun just crept in, illuminating the sky, showing its crisp blue hue. She had her purple scarf wrapped around her neck. She sits down by the bank when it finally hit her. He’s gone. She went down by the edge of the water. It was still a little frozen, it reminded her of snow cones. She placed her backpack down as she walked into the icy blue water. The water was only reaching up into her ankles when she looked back to face the sun. She fell on her knees, mashing the ice into complete slush. She threw her fists down on the water repeatedly. Tears were forming on the corner of her eyes. She was mad. She was sad. After years of bickering and distaste, she was still dismal.

She was digging through the slush, as if she was trying to find something when she noticed the current. Her backpack toppled over with its contents spilling out. She ran towards it, trying to save what’s left of her belongings. The wind blew, unwrapping the scarf around her neck. She tried to reach for it, but it landed far beyond her reach. The scarf went into the river, where it was lost in the current. Giving up, she went back to her backpack. She saw her book, “Outliers,” drifting, following the lead of her scarf. She gave a sigh and picked up her backpack, walked away, leaving everything behind.

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