Red Robin.

I really have no idea why I haven’t posted anything lately. It’s not that I’m that busy. I just don’t know why I have been on a hiatus with this.

Right now, I feel like I have to release some “stress,” maybe. I’m in a typing mood, who cares. But, what to write.


Writer’s block?
I don’t know.

I remember back in high school, I would have this headache if I don’t start typing my thoughts away – which is what I’m currently experiencing, by the way. I’m still pretty sad at how I never saved my any of my blog entries from back then. The things I used to type in there are nothing but just memories now – figments of my past. I would do anything to read all of them one last time. I remember a friend commented on one of them saying how I sounded like I was mad at the world. Well, what can I say. I guess I grew up with normal teenage angst. You know, the Peyton Sawyer wannabe. Oh, I would still love to have that red room she had. Maybe add a little more personal touch to it, but I still want her room, nonetheless. The best part of her room was her walk-in closet. And no, it wasn’t overflowing with clothes. Rather, it was where she put her record player and vinyl collection. Now that vinyl collection was amazing, especially when she inherited her birth mom’s vinyl library. Impressive, I tell you. That is really my dream whenever I have my own place. I would have a magnificent library full of books and vinyls. And, at that time, I would probably have enough money to buy a pretty good record player. You know, hook it up to a great surround sound system then put a record on and play it. I can just imagine myself reading a book while listening to the beautiful sounds of sax, violin, even electric guitar. Oh yes, how can I forgot wine – another essential part of the dream. In my library, I would probably have my own little wine rack. Actually, make that a wine fridge. You know, the specialized ones where I can adjust the temperature for better taste. And, on top of that, I would have an actual glass decanter where the wine would not only taste much better, but look good too.

I don’t know. This has been my dream for years now. I just hope I have the opportunity to have this. Oh, how happy and content will I be. Just thinking (dreaming) about it makes me all relaxed and hopeful.

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