Enter the Void.

Finally, a little peace and quiet…

I seriously have missed these quiet times where I can be alone with some newly found chill music (c/o Cold War Kids). If only I had a glass of wine, it would have been perfect. But nonetheless, the cold weather makes everything a little bit more relaxing, especially when snuggling under a plush blanket. I must say, I am quite enjoying this. The sense of freedom soothes me with the thoughts of “no obligations.” At least, for now. I finally have the time for myself. The time I have been craving for. I can finally breathe a little bit. Just letting everything pass. Time feels like it is standing still. It’s quite nice. The songs are steadily echoing throughout the  house creating a completely different setting. The light emanating from the vintage lamps seems to be warming up the whole place, making it a little bit more cozy. I am just in awe at how peaceful it is here. No noise. No nothing. Just complete serenity.

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