Tea and Honey.

A friend asked me if I’m into techno music. I said, “a little bit.” He says that there’s a couple of places in town that play cool techno and have crazy people. So, getting all excited and whatnot, I searched for the places he recommended. But to no avail, they were 30 minutes away from where I’m staying at. Ugh. I could always try the train, but I think it shuts down around midnight or so. That and I would still have to drive back home, which means that there is no way for me to actually go out and drink. Boring. I guess this time is really meant for me to actually get some studying done and make more of my life. That and taking care (or rather playing with) a 2-year old. Honestly though, I have not had any urges to go out on my own. I feel very much contented with waking up at 11am, eating breakfast AND lunch, drinking x number cups of green tea with honey, studying for the GRE, watching Numbers, (again) playing with the kid, doing some yoga/pilates, taking a hot shower, feeling relaxed and tired, dozing off to my 8-hour sleep, then repeat. Somehow, I feel really contented and at peace with that schedule. I guess that’s good. I’m probably doing some of the things I’ve been wanting to do.

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