What am I doing? I’m perfectly contented with what I’m doing and where I’m at right now. I’m just focusing on staying at the present and living a very chill life. For some odd reason, I’m quite satisfied. Yes, I miss my crazy days. But, I really think that it’s time to put a hiatus on the party life. I’m not really depressed that I’m not going out, drinking, having “fun.” However, I do have to admit that this quiet life feels something close to an isolation. I do not know much people around here. I’m sure I’ll have fun sooner or later. I was just thinking out loud. But guess what, I’ll hang out with whoever I want – whatever age they are. And no, I’m not desperate. I just enjoy other people’s company. I’ll go out into the world by myself, meet people, make friends. I’ll go on an adventure, paying no attention to everything around me. I’ll go see everything – the museums, art shows, eccentric shops, random restaurants. I’ll go out. I’ll see what Boston has for me.

I don’t care anymore. I’ll keep myself busy with all the adventure I’ll be doing. I’ll go out into the unknown, keeping any contact with the mainland to a bare minimum. Screw social obligations and responsibilities. I am taking hiatus on that too. Forget it. Screw it. I don’t care.

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