Title no. 5

The green-eyed monster has loomed once again from around the corner. Its treacherous ambiance sends shivers down my spine. The tantalizing stare keeping me hypnotized to believe unrealistic things. I am incapacitated, blind by the distant darkness. My breath feels heavier and heavier every step that monster takes. Click. Click. Her black Louboutin pumps tap as she walks closer and closer. Her long overly manicured fingernails seem to stand out against her perfectly fitted black dress. Her long flowy black hair seems to shine as she stepped out of the darkness, into the dim yellow streetlight. Her seemingly smooth porcelain pale skin contrasts her whole outfit giving a certain sharpness to her whole image. Wedged in her candlestick-like fingers is a cigarette. Her luscious red lips takes it in, and out comes the smoke giving her a more sultry, seductive atmosphere. But, her emerald eyes are still staring at me. I can’t do anything. I’m powerless against her. In the dark alley, I’m stranded. She looks at me with a smirk smudged across her face. She takes a few steps towards me. Click. Tap. She slithers across the cobblestone pavement.  Still, I’m frozen. She comes up to me, breathing softly by my ear. She whispers ever so gently, “give up.”

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