“Creation” (2009).

Here I am, emotionally damaged from the heartache and grief that Charles and Emma Darwin went through when they lost their bundle of joy, Annie.

Yes, that was quite a little bit overdramatic. Nonetheless, the movie was rather depressing. I was originally looking for a light-hearted film. Thinking that this movie was about the life of the great Charles Darwin, I surrendered to the urge and watched it. To my great surprise, I was greeted with such dark undertones of grief, sadness, and longing. I was feeling quite emotional during the movie, seeing as though there’s separation in the family. It was very perplexing for me too that I was actually feeling empathy for the characters. Odd, I say. Perhaps time is slowly trying to mellow me down – break the ice, if you will.

Frankly, I realized that I am growing more and more scared about losing people in my life, especially the ones I love. Being separated from them has caused me a quite bit of worry. Watching this movie made me realized what I was actually growing weary of. So many memories – both good and bad – surged through my mind like lightning in a wide open field full of metal posts. Old emotions and feelings begin to force their way back into sheer consciousness. I must say that I am overwhelmed. Then again, maybe it’s the caffeine. That and many other things that is causing me worry.

(And yes, the movie is very good, indeed. I like it.)

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