Smoke Screen.

Words cannot express what I’m feeling right now. It’s all troubled and conflicted. For one, I’m really sad about the fact that my team and I did not make it to the final stage. I can’t believe I was emotional about it. Maybe it’s partly because the two people I came in with have played their last round. The end came abruptly for them. It was pretty sad, especially when everybody tried to play their best. But, on the flip side, I think I might be going to California soon. I don’t know how, but I think I will be there for a little while. But then, I have to plan and book everything, which means added work. That and I have my 3 more final exams to take in the next couple of days. Am I prepared? I don’t know. My brain is fried from intense studying and competition. It’s absolutely mentally draining. I just want to lie down my bed and think about absolutely nothing. In fact, it would be great if someone was here to alleviate the stress even for just a little while. I just need a mini-break. Yes, yes. I know. It will be over soon. I will have my vacation after Tuesday. It will be great. I can relax and maybe spend time with family. Ah… life, why are you very overwhelming right now?

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