Weird Places and Events.

10 weird things to do when you want to do weird things.

Okay, I only found 4 out of the 10 listed that I would actually go to. In fact, I would love to go to Brokechella, seeing as how I’m the typical college student (financially, I think). The idea of hanging out in a cafe, sitting in hammocks doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. Imagine sipping coffee and having a really great conversation with someone, either that or reading a book – preferably a Murakami book since this cafe is in Tokyo after all. Then there’s the hot tub cinema. Come on, I would absolutely love the idea of watching some radical indie flick while I relax in a hot tub. And then there’s my favourite on the list, the Central Perk. It’s designed based on the TV show, “Friends,” set. Isn’t awesome? Sitting down on the couch where Chandler would make a cynical comment while Joey prides himself of being an actor. Ah, that TV show is ultimately in my top list. But the actual Central Perk coffee shop I was talking about is not in New York, not even in the United States. It’s in China. How weird is that? Central Perk in China. Now, that I have to see.

And then the other 6 on the list are just plain weird.

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