What the hell am I listening to?
Old crappy songs? Not good. But then, on the other hand, I find it absolutely funny. I just can’t stop making fun of the songs, at how horrible and messed up they are. That and how I used to absolutely like them years and years ago. It’s crazy how so many things change in time. Ah, I guess what they say is true then: “change is the only constant in life.” Boo.

By the way, I finally finished the interesting teen tv show, Awkward. It was fun, brought back a lot of highschool memories. In this tv show, the girl is torn between two guys. And I really think she should have picked Jake. I mean, come on. He’s practically perfect. Class president and really smart who hangs out with the cool crowd. He doesn’t play as much sports, but he sure knows his plays and calls. At the same time, he doesn’t care about what people think. He would be a complete and total dork if that meant dancing and/or having fun. Plus, he wasn’t terrified to be completely open, honest and cheesy. Ah, why did she have to pick the other guy? But, I guess I should have known that Jake had it coming when he told her “I love you,” and she replied with an “awesome.” Ah, that idiot. I guess she made the right choice then. I guess you would know when you like/love a person based on instinct. I don’t know. I guess I should just say “screw it” to the whole awkward situation/dilemma. Seriously, that tv show just made me not have a life for a couple of days. But then, turned things around once I finished all two seasons, meaning I was liberated from the confinement of teen high school dramas.

Anyway, I think I must go and feel fat and drunk as indulge myself with ramen noodles followed by chocolate cake and wine. Nothing like an actual night to myself since I already went over the notes with my classmate in say like, 30 minutes. I shall post another entry later (maybe) since I’m ever-so-proactive in typing random things. The great joy.

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