The Reverberations of The Modern Independence.

One chocolate cake and half a bottle of wine later…

I finally finished this movie I keep forgetting to watch – ‘The Extra Man.’

Paul Dano plays lead, and let me tell you that he played an awesome part. Ever since his very first line in ‘Little Miss Sunshine,’ I knew that he was such a great actor. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because the type of film he decides to star on. Every movie I’ve seen him in has turned into a really great watch. All of them funny. All of them exactly what I needed at that moment. Remember ‘Ruby Sparks?’ How can I ever forget my experience of watching that movie. That movie made me believe that I was able and ready to actually fall in love again. As cheesy as it may sound, I found the courage and inspiration to actually be open and vulnerable to such things because of that movie. But let me rest on the ‘Ruby Sparks’ topic.

This movie, ‘The Extra Man,’ is absolutely witty until the very end. Every single thing had its aristocratic feel, that 1920s feel that’s living among the modern world. It was very interesting. I’m not really sure what the actual point of the whole story is yet. I’m guessing along the lines of friendship and finding yourself. It’s a really good movie/story. It might be a little disturbing at some point, but it was funny nonetheless.

So, I guess that’s the end of my bum night. That’s funny, I was watching this movie on my laptop while I’m lounging on the couch nibbling on my chocolate cake and sipping on some wine. That image right there looks very sad and depressing for most people, especially those of my age. But, I must admit. I enjoyed it. It was quite liberating and fresh from my perspective since I haven’t done anything of the like. I haven’t let loose and completely forgotten about the things that I have to do. In my head, I have a bright neon orange sign flashing “screw everything else and enjoy the night.” And yes, that is exactly what I did, and I’m contently happy.

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