It’s official. I don’t know what to type in right now. All I know is that I need to write something down. Call it my therapy session.

It’s been a while, Alice. I haven’t talked to you in months – and by months, I seriously mean that I haven’t talked to you since November/December 2012. God, it’s already 2013, and I haven’t even bothered to tell you about what is actually going on with me. Maybe that’s why I feel so messed up for the most part of this new year. Come on, it’s already a quarter into 2013, and I’m still obsessions about what to do this year. I feel so out of sync. It’s crazy. I know I need to do something to give me a sense of clarity, some sort of refreshing perspective. But, I don’t know where to get that. I’ve tried so many things – napping, retail therapy, drinking, going out, reading a book, listening to random music, movies – but nothing. Right now, I think a good few days of complete and total isolation might do the trick. Either that or just going all out crazy and wild.

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