I Bought A Skirt.

I feel conflicted.

I bought a skirt, something I’ve been wanting to buy for such a long time. I really love this skirt, but for some odd reason I just seem to have a certain feeling of dislike towards it. It’s weird, it leaves me powerless over it.

Maybe I have that certain feeling because of this one incident…
I remember that night – the night I caught Cindy down in a dark alley pulling this other girl’s dark luscious brown hair. It was rainy, so I couldn’t see properly. But, I knew it was Cindy the minute I would get a glance of that dark hair damaged with golden highlights and overused with products. Now, her hair is damp, wet, and a mess. Makeup is smeared all over both there faces. From the looks of it, she’s on top, beating the crap of this other girl. Oh, the power struggle. Looks like Cindy’s winning then. Good for her. It’s interesting what you see when you walk out the back door of a pub.

But, the reason why I still have this inclination of dislike towards the skirt is that the girl is wearing the same one too. I mean, as much as I hate Cindy with a passion, I would take her side over anyone she goes against with.

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