I’m sitting here, on the verge of typing something that I have thought of hours ago, but now, I seem to have forgotten every single aspect of it. It’s rather annoying, to have some great idea that flutters away as if it never happened. It’s mind boggling.

But anyway, everyone in the house is asleep already besides me, of course. It’s weird because I’m usually the sleepy one. And, tomorrow’s the first day of the tournament. Am I feeling anxious? Excited? Hm, I don’t know. All I know is that it feels like another round. Having a good one is all that counts.


Oh, I think I remember what I was actually suppose to write about. It’s about the way people meet. I remember, I asked a friend  about why we were friends. I mean, logically speaking, we have no common friends, not much of a common interest/hobby. We don’t have anything to base our friendship upon. I asked him the question, and he replied with asking whether or not I was serious about it. So I said yes, I was completely curious about his opinion. Apparently, he said something along the lines of: “most of the times, I like you, like hanging out and talking with you, but then there are these times when I really don’t like you, like I ask myself why I’m friends with this evil girl.” Of course, I laughed at the comment. However, I did tell him about how it’s very human to like and dislike a person all at the same time; it’s just a matter of weighing the likes and the dislikes. If the likes outweigh the dislikes by a huge margin, then I think that has potential for a good friendship right there. And then, he asked me if I did hang out with anyone on a regular basis, like a friend not a teammate. And, I said no, not really. It was really interesting to realize that though I do have a lot of friends, a lot of people who would like to hang out with me, it always just ends up with me doing my own thing. On a same note, I think I really like spending time by myself even if it means going shopping or drinking by myself. I find it odd at how some people would think it’s sad and depressing to do those things alone, but I always feel very liberated and free whenever I do things by myself. However, naturally, it is fun to do things with someone. It’s just that I prefer doing certain things on my own. But when it gets too much, that’s when I become social. I guess I just need a certain balance and order of things. Let’s look at it that way. I always love something refreshing. I hate the feeling of being cluttered, bored, and monotonous. It just annoys me way too much because I feel like there’s so much more to life that just a daily routine. Of course, you need some sort of structure, limitations and framework, but I really love adding color to every canvas. I love the random and the spontaneous. It keeps life very quirky and interesting. It gives dull, lifeless things some sort of meaning and importance. So, going back to the question why we’re friends – or even why I’m friends with all the people I’m friends with right now, it’s because they give me very refreshing perspectives on various things. They make things far more interesting than it actually is.

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