Crying Lightning.

Spoiled, that’s what I have been for the past couple of weeks. Now, I’m back facing the ugly truth that I have to actually just workworkwork. Can’t have as much fun. That’s right, spoiled. That’s exactly the perfect word to describe the state I was in. But then, you never see how spoiled you really are until you look back and compare what it was like and what it is now.

Yes, it’s been only a few hours, but driving back to my apartment felt really dry and empty. The feeling of crossing the desert yet again. The feeling of being in the same physical place but has a completely different feel and atmosphere. It felt like I was going back to a colourless, boring place. Something lifeless.

Then again, every song has to end, does it not? We just have to carry on with things we have to do. Busy ourselves with the life around us. Although I’m missing this distinct color on my canvas, I guess I can work my way around using the colors on my palette for now.

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