Crash and Burn.

It’s official. AA is the most incompetent plane company I have ever worked with. There’s a problem every single time, while the flight attendants are completely repulsed by the simple courtesy of customer service. But what strikes me the most is that I can’t believe people still indulge themselves with their services. It’s quite unproductive really. I feel like if I have enough capital and investment to rival them, I would probably acquire their customers down to the most loyal one. Then again, it’s true that I have no idea what is going on inside the system, but they surely are doing something wrong since they hold the number one spot for worst service in the whole country. And that poll was only held recently. I am so appalled. Not only am I frustrated that I’m in this current situation. I’m more mad with the fact that I am held against my will to take this option. Forces have gone against me once again. Will they ever go in the direction I choose? But I think the better question would be… Will I always encounter incompetency every single day for the rest of my life? I understand the discrepancies that occur with life, however, there are just somethings that could be done to minimize these events. I don’t understand why they just can’t control them properly. Are people just this annoying? Greedy? Is this what is meant to be human? If that is true then I don’t think I am for humanity. Disappointed, that’s what I am right now.

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