Starving, that’s what I am today. I probably should start eating properly, which means I have to buy groceries real soon. My fridge is seriously empty at the moment. I really need to take better care of myself. I’m starting season tomorrow already, and I don’t know if I can make it. I think I’ll cut down the nights out, the drinking, the socializing. I see myself becoming this complete nerd who locks herself in her apartment, studying and drinking wine. Okay, maybe scratch cutting down on the drinking part. I suppose that’s the plan. I must get ready for GRE this time around. I have to prepare in a lot of things. I have to start practicing good study/reading habits. I have to start making time for more important stuff. I have to start keeping things organized and prioritized. I seriously have to be better this time around, actually accomplish my New Year’s resolution: no more procrastinating. We’ll see what happens, but that’s the plan.

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