Cheese Sticks.

Have you ever experienced love at first sight?

I have.

I saw it when I felt completely out of place during dinner tonight. The original plan was to have dinner with my childhood friend, but with certain instances, I told my best friend to come with. So she did. At first, they were trying to get to know each other. But after a while, I realized that I was pretty much out of the loop of their conversation. No choice. I just sat down and ate while observing them. It was fun, watching them. Then it hit me. They actually had good chemistry together. They would not stop talking to each other. Their eyes were completely fixated on one another. I felt very aloof yet happy for them. I think that they would make a really good couple. They’re both political science majors aspiring to finish law school. He’s already in law school, while she’s taking a break from school first. Not to mention, he’s a complete gentleman, and she’s… Well, she’s my best friend. It was cute.

As I was watching how they interacted with each other, I had that sudden surge of excitement. I was seriously hoping that they would end together. Wishful thinking as it may, I was really happy for them. They were having fun beyond belief, to the point of alienating me. Okay, they weren’t that mean, but one would seriously see the connection they had between them. So yeah, I have witnessed love at first sight. Maybe it wasn’t really “love at first sight,” but it was seriously the start of a very “good” friendship.

I’m happy for them, whatever happens.

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