Cry me a river.

I am extremely frustrated for reasons unknown to me. Actually, I’m mad for reasons so petty that it makes me more furious. I cannot get over the fact that my hair turned out to have this cute, dainty, girlish curl. There’s nothing wrong with that except for the fact that I despise all things associated with those three adjectives. It is beyond who I am. I feel the utter need to have a pixie cut now. I don’t when I’ll get over it. Maybe when I buy some hair product, that might ease the tension. But, right now, I am seriously on edge to pick a fight with anyone. I am pretty much okay with any hairstyle as long as it is not the typical cute curls. God, you could have spared me such tremendous torture of looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a completely different person from which I wanted to create. The image does not exude my personality whatsoever. It makes me sick to the stomach. Can you not see how appalled I am? It’s truly devastating, and I have no means to release and appease myself but through writing this damn blog entry. Oh God, how petty my concern is right now. So spoiled. Nonetheless, I am furious.

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