No Beef.

I have no idea why I’m in the mood for looking up “pop” music. Not necessarily the cliché pop music like those wanna-be pop disney stars. No, I’m in the mood for some eletro/dance. Something fun. Something that makes me want to go out and party. Not just any party. My type of party – a “Steve Aoki” type. I can just see myself taking shot after shot. Dancing the whole night away. Going into this dance floor decked out with laser, flashing lights. I don’t know. You get the drift. If only there’s a place here in the middle of nowhere where people can appreciate this type of “electro/pop” music. Then, “we hit turbulence” just like what this song says. Ah, my dream party. Maybe I can host one. Oooh… That would be an awesome night.

I should really be studying now. But, I’m dying to go out and party. I don’t know when I’m going to do that. Hopefully, real soon. Either that or I just hang out with my friends back home, play this music, dance/drink the whole night away. Let me design the perfect plan to party it up in Manila. I’m sure there’s a loophole there somewhere.

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