Incessant chatter.

I love you, I really do.

I know my blog has been nothing but rants about you. It’s quite annoying and frustrating sometimes because I just can’t seem to write anything besides you right now. I know I’ve written that post a while back. That is all true. Some of it is still is. The question that still looms over me: why are we still together when it is indefinite as to when we’ll meet again? And if we do meet again, the chances of us staying at one place is highly unlikely. So, we’re not in a typical relationship where we go from step one to step two to step three. Instead, we’re painting our own blank canvas with colors unimaginable to the naked eye. But, as much as I appreciate this roller coaster ride with you, I sometimes wish that there is an end to this. You know, like in the fairy tales, we’ll live happily ever after. I’ll have you. And when that happens, I’ll be happy. But right now, with everything that’s going on with our lives and how we’re paving our own paths, I don’t see that fairy tale ending for us. It might happen to both of us with different people, who knows. But, I really want you. And no, this is a spur of the moment thing where I fall in love with you just in matter of seconds. Consider this as though I have given enough thought. Then again, we’re only 21. There’s so much more to life. I am just hoping you’ll be in it indefinitely.

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