Lemon Drops.

We finally made it. My dad and I drove over a thousand miles from Texas to South Carolina. This is probably the longest road trip I’ve ever had. Plus, my dad has technically driven from west coast to the east coast. I wanna travel to all the 50 states one day. Hell, I want to travel. Period.

Speaking of traveling, I just realized how much places I want to visit. There are probably millions and millions. Seriously, if I create a bucket list on movies/music/travel, it would go on forever. It’s like how the theory on the China’s population growth rate. If you ask the chinese to line up, it would go on to infinity. In math terms, it does not exist when the limit goes to infinity. Oh, China. Even with your single kid policy, it’s still not enough. That reminds me. I read that China has busted the underground operations of child trafficking. I am seriously glad they caught most, if not all, the horrible people who do that. I read that in the news probably a month ago. I was just imagining how famous and popular the detective who was in-charge of that investigation. I think it would be cool to be part of a secret investigation. Taking down notes. Being an observer and stuff. I’m practically going to have to be a special wallflower in this scenario. And, I think I’ve mastered the art of being a wallflower too. Perfect. I’ll be like Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, only I would look like a downgraded version of a cross between Ellen Page and Zooey Deschanel. I would be Nancy Drew with all the high political drama. It would feel like I’m the girl with dragon tattoo, only I wouldn’t be as tech-savvy as her.

Ah, daydreaming. Such a good way to waste time.

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