Family and Fashion.


My fashionista cousin is getting married, finally. I mean, I haven’t met the guy but they sound awesome together. Not to mention their ‘save the date’ video. I wonder what color her hair would be on her wedding day. Oooh… I really want to attend her wedding. I might be able to finally meet Mich Dulce in person. Another fashionista. I might get to meet famous people in the Philippine fashion industry. Oh, I’m seriously getting starstruck there. But then, I have zero-percent possibility of attending that event. It’s because I’ll be finishing up my Fall semester in Texas while the wedding will be in Manila. This makes me mad. I can’t wait for the suborbital spaceflight to be easily accessible. That is the future of travel. It only takes a couple of hours to get anywhere around the world. Note to self. Must save money for this.

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