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Rule My World.

It’s official. I’m on a caffeine high. I guess drinking a glass of dirty chai after an iced americano was a little bit too much. Who would’ve guessed? Anyway, I’m in the middle of studying calculus 2. So far, I … Continue reading

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Drama and Lies.

You know what my problem is… I haven’t found that person who would fight for me. I don’t think I’ve ever met the person who can truly see me. I know, that sounds cheesy as fuck. But, what does it … Continue reading

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Something Out Of The Blue.

I am feeling quite creative right now. I think it’s due to the combined effort of caffeine and carbohydrates inside me. For some reason, I feel the need to express myself. Practicing math couldn’t quite cut it. I need to … Continue reading

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Desperate Inertia.

It’s been almost a month since I last saw you. And to be honest, I’ve only missed you so much around this time. It might sound horrible but, I do need you. Not in a very needy way. I just … Continue reading

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20 Things I Should Have Known At 20.

[via] 1. The world is trying to keep you stupid. From bank fees to interest rates to miracle diets, people who are not educated are easier to get money from and easier to lead. Educate yourself as much as possible for wealth, … Continue reading

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