Cockamamie. Pure Cockamamie.

My mind feels practically full right now. I haven’t been doing anything but studying for the GRE. This is driving me crazy. After extensively studying for it, I have come to the conclusion that it is rather pointless to procrastinate for it. Obviously, this is what I’ve been doing for the past week. Good thing, I paid attention in my class. So, most of this is basically a refresher for me. Nonetheless, the guilt that’s hanging above my head for not studying is getting quite annoying. Maybe it’s the growing anxiety. I’m taking the GRE tomorrow, you see. I am quite worried about the results. But, knowing that I can retake it gives me a very versatile cushion.

Oh, the cruelty of desire.
The more I want to get a high score, the more anxious and nervous I get. This is actually counterproductive on my part. The more unsettled I am, the less likely I am going to achieve my goals. So, I say screw it. Let it be. Whatever happens, I’ll just have to accept. I have done everything I can for this test. There’s nothing I can do about the results. The only I can focus on is doing my best, which usually happens when I say ‘screw it.’

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