Recreate Fantasy.

It’s official. I miss James.
Yes, I admit it. I miss him.
And if you’re confused with all this crap. Yes, it’s you – the person who left almost a week ago. The person who’s proud of breaking those pair of chopsticks.
But seriously, why do I miss you? We didn’t really hang out as much as I hoped for. For some apparent reason, I felt like you didn’t want me to get too close to you. Maybe you’re just protecting both of us from such serious heartbreak. This is what’s making it so hard for me to distinguish. Do you really like me? Would you go beyond your limits for me and your dreams? Do you want to make me happy? Those kinds of questions I want you to answer. But, I don’t want them right now. Everything has its own perfect time. I’m just praying that we stay in touch. Keep in contact.

For the record, I really do miss you. I miss texting you everyday. Telling you about my day. Little things like that can actually make a difference. I hope you felt the same. I miss arguing with you about our music selections. Although we established a common ground, I still enjoyed letting you listen to my music and vice-versa. I miss winning those made-up random games. You should’ve said that you were just letting me win – to save you some face. But no, you told me that you were trying your best. That was nice. I miss making fun of you. Trying to break you down. But, you proved me wrong. I miss taking photos with you. I wish we took more of together rather than you playing with my toy camera effect and taking pictures of me. I miss drinking with you. Honestly, those nights are designed to spend more time with you. For some odd apparent reason, even though I can be quite frustrated with you, I still would want to spend time with you. I want to know you better, I guess. I want to do these little things with you. Like walk to class. Take the bus. Eat at some random place. Little things like these added with a presentation of your affections would actually win me over. That being said, I probably didn’t make myself clear. Little things like walking to class and you would suddenly grab my hand is an example. It doesn’t have to be cheesy and romantic. Surely not with me. I just want the quirkiness of it. I want you to show me how much you care for. That would win me over in a heartbeat. If you truly catch me off-guard with your sincerity and genuineness, I would probably fall head over heels with you. As I keep telling you, I didn’t choose you because you looked good. I was attracted to you because you have potential. Potential in being sincere and honest with me about everything. That’s what I want. That’s what I need.

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