Roll the Dice.

And, I am back to square one…

I lost the game. Again. I thought I made the right moves. Staying with the present. Deciding on a move that is purely based on the short-run outcome. Thinking that life is short. As what Timon and Pumba’s swahili phrase says: Hakuna Matata. It means no worries for the rest of your days. It means to go with the flow. To act accordingly when presented a challenge. However, carefully as I play this game, I lacked foresight. The key to winning this game. One by one my pieces have been slowly devoured in this checkerboard dance floor. Destiny has cornered me once more. Checkmate.

Again, I lost this game. When will that ‘wheel of fortune’ card come out upside down for me? Am I forever resigned to this fate? Or will my tide change for the better? Shall I learn from this and move on? Or should I flirt with the possibilities? The decisions I have to make. The choices that will dictate my victory, or my probable defeat.

When will the fates challenge me with another game? I must become prepared for the difficulties they will impose on me on the next game. I have no doubt that there will be a next one. The question is when. I shall become stronger. I have to gather my courage an step up on the plate with no doubts. I will accept their challenge. I will fight them head on. I will survive this next one. I am sure of it.

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