The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games (2012).

As most of us probably know, The Hunger Games has set US box office record. It opened with $155m. Seeing the trailer, one would expect a spectacular film. A spectacular movie it is.

The movie is set in a dystopia where there is an annual battle for survival among 24 teenagers. Cruel, isn’t it? Sounds a bit more like child trafficking? Exaggerated entertainment? Rags to riches through winning a TV show? And, these are what I liked about the movie. Or should I say the story line? Kudos to Suzanne Collins for such an amazing portrayal of how modern society is and ever will be. First, the very distinct boundaries between social classes are ever so exquisitely portrayed. There is a huge gap between the elite and working class. The elite from the Capitol are highly avant garde, which is quite evident in their fashion sense. Their ignorance on the realities of life are clearly shown in the movie. The excitement and joy the elite have during the Hunger Games proves how ignorant they really are. On another note, the dystopian president clearly shows how corrupt the government is. Whatever you say, every government is corrupt to a certain degree. It is just human nature. The film has given justice to this miniscule aspect. Lastly, the whole point of how the Hunger Games is set up perfectly describes how society works. The government is as always using its power to its advantage. It manipulates the world in accordance to their favor. I’m not saying it’s horrible; again, it’s human nature. Plus, it is called government so that it could govern. But overall, I must say that this film has given life to the caricature of reality in which mostly everybody is oblivious to. Or should I say, most just turn their heads around. I am not quite sure how people actually perceived the film. Or how in depth they went in breaking down the story.But as it is PG-13, I would assume that everyone is just stunned at how Katniss, the lead, is surviving the Hunger Games. Everyone is at the edge of their seats, biting their nails off at every scene. It is really a good movie. There is a little bit of everything in it. Family. Friends. Love. You name it. It’s up to your perspective to see through all of it and appreciate how reality is portrayed in a science-fiction.


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