Amidst the Random Curiosity.

Here’s an entry to my private but not-so-secret life.

I find it amusing how bipolar I can be when it comes to music. It’s highly puzzling, but rather impressive to say the least. I was listening to an artsy Swedish singer in the morning to a crappy pop/punk in the afternoon to a classical violin concerto by Tchaikovsky. It’s funny how amused I am with myself. Being an adamant introvert – or an anti-social, for some – seeing myself in different perspectives is quite amusing. It sounds very arrogant and cocky, I know. But, haven’t you done it yourself? You know, look in the mirror and quickly judge yourself. People do it all the time, especially highly successful people. It’s a sense of seeing where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished throughout your feeble existence on this planet. Right now, I’m justifying myself. Giving myself reason why I’m posting this very self-centered, egotistical post. Well, what have I to do? People who are reading this don’t know me anyway. Hence, private “blog.” Although, there might be this one person who knows me personally. Yes, I mentioned you. Happy?

Anyway, what happened today? The 24th of March 2012. Absolutely nothing. But no, I lied. I absolutely feel confident with a hint of bliss from being part of the winning team. Yes, people, we won. My first tournament in the spring 2012, and we won. How awesome is that? I just feel grateful and happy. Only because I told myself before the competition that if me and/or the team won, I would consider it as a sign that this is something that I absolutely love to do. It sounds foolish, I know. But, when you’re a college student stuck at a crossroads – you know, the random fork in the middle of the road – which path do you take? With modern age and high technological advancements, there’s the GPS to guide us whenever we travel down that yellow brick road. But then the GPS is only helpful when you know your destination. What if you don’t know where you want to go? System error, the GPS would say. You’re clueless and confused. This, my friend, is what we call life. An abstract perspective of who we are. What we are. Where we are. The explanation for all things being entangled in this giant web. Life.

Ah, life. The greatest mystery of all time. I find it funny that there are people who are actually more concerned and curious about death when life is equally as interesting, and it is right under our noses. It’s something we forget. Something that we take for granted. How funny is that?

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