The Cry of a Lone Wolf.

I thought nothing would ever come out of. He’s leaving, for crying out loud. I’ll be in that state again. A state where I’m left behind. Left behind by a guy I fell in like with. As picky as I am, it’s definitely hard for me to find someone of my taste or preference. As slowly as I begin to know this guy, the faster I fall. It’s hard. Dumbfounding. Complicated. Why must he leave? Can he not stay for another year? Then again, I’m being selfish, am I? He’s just a kid, and so am I. We have our whole lives ahead of us. If the fates were by our side, we would surely meet again. And, things would blossom from there. But for right now, this is nothing but a blissful dream. An imagination created by our perception.

It has only been a year since the first one left. Now, I am stuck with another one who is leaving. Am I plagued by this kind of wicked travesty? I assure you; it’s plainly absurd. I have no intention of falling for anyone. On that note, I even promised myself that I wouldn’t delve into matters of the heart and relationship. But, here I am once more. In the face of war. A battle against time. Will we survive this crucial moment? Or will we falter as the fire of hope flickers away in the dark, not knowing if it would soon run its last?

Again, I say: it’s complicated. It’s mind-boggling. The choices we have to make at the early stages of our lives. To be or not to be, as Shakespeare would put it. What will become of us after the choices we take? Does it only take a flip of a coin to see the answers we’ve been looking for? The pressures of relationships and belonging is a constant struggle in our lives. Wise people would consider building a relationship with a person who is leaving. To protect one’s heart from the suffering and torment of emptiness. But, I say to be. I say, we should live in the moment. Suffer now than dance in the clutches of regret. See what there is. Look beyond the exterior. Go deep. Build a relationship. A relationship with foundation so strong, it can withstand the natural ailments. It need not be a romantic sort but of friendship.

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