Purely Primeval

I am illiterate. As of recently, my primal intuition has taken the best of me. i suffer the torment of looking at myself and seeing this hideous beast. the beast that glares with bloodshot eyes. Screaming. Unsettling. this struggle for control and power over myself has left me torn. Confused. Bewildered, even. The spiral sensation surrounds me. It takes away my soul. My essence. My being. The beast has taken control. It has conquered my inhibitions. Why did I not see this coming? All this while, I have taken this beast as my own. Caring and nurturing it, seeing as though one day it might be of value to me. It has proven me wrong. It snarls with its evil grin. It has taken advantage of the solace I have provided it with. The revenge. True, I have kept it in the dark too long. now, it has unleashed its inhumane over others. I cannot control any longer. I must suffice its every whim. Once a master, now a slave to its prodigy. What have I done? It has taken over me. I look at the mirror. Look straight at those bloodshot eyes. That evil grin. That undeniable creature that used to lurk from within. It has conquered me. it sees me as I see it. It looks through my eyes. Through the depths of my soul. It has captured me. Charmed its way through me. I have lost the war. I look at the mirror, and see nothing but the beast.

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