To The Edge of Nothing.

This is getting pretty tiring. I dreamt of Viktor. Once again. Does it really mean something? Or am I just on a mental relapse towards missing him again?

As the story goes…
I went over to his place to see him. This place? I have no idea where it is. I’m assuming it’s in Paris – or somewhere in France. I went to visit him, once again. Something similar from the previous dream. Only this time the ambience is different. I met him at his apartment. A totally different one from the other apartments I had in my previous dreams. This time I was in a somewhat shady apartment. I get there, and he was tipsy, at the very least. He was hanging out with his friends. Partying. He sees me. He was happy, I suppose. More like glad. He was putting his arm around me, especially in front of his friends. He was also trying to kiss me. For some reason, I found this incredibly inappropriate. I get annoyed. I get the feeling that he was showing me off, but it’s in a very odd way. I get disappointed. But, I still continue to hang out with him and his friends. As I continue to spend more time with them, I get to drink more and more. Soon enough, I was getting tipsy. We went to someone’s living room. Apparently, there was yet another party there. We were getting wasted. Since Viktor realized how annoyed at was at him, I started to move on from him right there and then. I was feeling as though he never needed me, besides for carnal reasons. Long story short, I was doing what most girls were doing at the party: flirting with other guys. And, I was good at it. I gained attention of most guys – not that that actually happens in real life. At this point, I was getting incredibly drunk. I also knew he was watching me with his subtle glances. I wanted to grab his attention. So, I flirted more and more with other guys. Until, some guys were being ultimately disrespectful and inappropriate. Taking advantage of how drunk I was getting. Here, Viktor intervened. He went up to me and grabbed me. He hugged me so tight, as if he wanted only me. As if he was protecting me from the rude guys. As if he couldn’t see me throw myself at the arms of someone else. I was satisfied. I was embarrassed. I won. I had him. He showed me.

At that moment, “Friday, I’m in Love” by the The Cure started playing. That was my cue to end it all, once again. Open my eyes. Look at the time. Hit the snooze button. Try to get back to sleep, hoping that the dream would continue.

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