See with your heart.

“What are you thinking about? You always hated when I asked that question. It’s a tricky question you used to say. That it’s an illusion to pretend that we can bridge the gap between your thoughts and mine. For you, every person is like a planet and two different planets can never become one. Two people together will always be: one plus one. I preferred to think of us as bubbles, because when they touch, they merge into one another like when two people make love. But now I know what you meant. Two people together will always be one plus one (Vera, Unmade Beds. 2009).”

Finally, it has arrived. The day where the rate of emotional turmoil is highly volatile. The day where people exacerbate their wallet’s grief by giving into their heart’s distress. The day where people feel the extreme need to be special. The day most people call “Valentine’s Day.”

This day is highly correlated to the instrinsic feeling, which has caused a lot of people to experience the emotional roller coaster. The quote presented above has distinguished ends of a relationship-based spectrum. Vera – the character who said the quote – expresses her understanding of how her old lover perceived relationships. In this quote, she distinguishes the difference between a feminine and masculine definition of two people being together. Although it is not explicit, she suggests that women believe that two people absolutely become one when they are in love.

Women have this idea that the person they love is similar to them. They think that when two people grow in love, they produce the same brain wavelength. Thus, they are creating a huge amount of emotional pressure. Women fall in love with mind readers. Highly intellectual guys can use this information to their advantage.

Speaking of guys, the quote presented above explains how the chauvinistic point of view is highly logical. It is because men perceive relationships as two people who complement each other. Meaning, two people do not become one in love, but they crash into one another giving each person an essence of who they are. It is just as the quote says: people are like planets. They have their own world inside of them, but when these two planets collide, a part of them transfers to the other. Hence, the idea of how men perceive relationships.

Overall, relationships are nothing more than a perspective, just like everything else. It’s how you find the right person who complements your perspective on everything.

And, as for Valentine’s Day. It is over. It is nothing more than a mere Tuesday in 2012. It is how you make it special is what makes Valentine’s Day. Hence, everyday can be Valentine’s Day, if you want it to be. It’s all a matter of perspective.

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