Tuesday nights will always be movie nights.

It’s the 7th of February. Nothing too special about that. The only thing that I can come up with is that “normal” people – who follow the norm – only have 7 more days to find a date or “prepare” for Valentine’s day. For most people, this is a great holiday where lovers express their feelings, emotions, desires for one another. But alas, I’m here feeling totally indifferent to it all, which is why I decided to watch a movie.

I just finished a movie. It’s called Margot at the Wedding. It stars Nicole Kidman, and it was written and directed by Noah Baumbach. It was featured in a handful of film festivals in Telluride, Toronto, New York, and Mill Valley. The movie even won both Best Actress (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Best Director (Noel Baumbach) in the Peñíscola Comedy Film Festival.

Speaking of genre, this movie has all ironies put into it – or so I believe. First of all, it is considered as a tragicomedy. I questioned whether the movie actually had the essence of being both sad and funny at the same. Surprisingly, it is. Additionally, the role of the characters were so perplexing that to feel emotion was completely based on your own perspective. The line between right and wrong is completely blurred in this movie.

However, to further understand the points I was trying to make, I’ll attempt to create a little synopsis here. And to avoid all spoilers and consequential whatnots, I’ll just say that: it is a story about a woman and her relationships, focusing on her soon-to-be married sister and 11-year-old son. The lead (Nicole Kidman) is fairly neurotic, which probably blossomed in her career as a writer. She treats her son in a very un-motherlike manner, but at the same time, being the best mother she can be. This part to me was very peculiar. She acts the same towards her sister, husband, friend – practically everyone. Basically, she is a very complex character to say the least. A complicated character, indeed.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. I must say, it is pretty tragic and funny all at the same time, in which I think made the movie entirely special and romantic in its own peculiar way. There. My typical Tuesday night.

This is how I spent my night. I watched a movie instead of going out and asking a stranger for a date on Valentine’s day.

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