Beginner’s luck.

Perfection. Most people are scared out of their wits once they hear that word. Only a brave few would only face up to its glorifying torture.

Perfection. That’s the first thing that comes into my mind while typing this first post. I have no idea why but it is always special in doing something for the first time. Hence, most people, like me, have a great sense of pressure of making the most out of a first time.

A first time is the scariest and most rewarding thing a person can experience throughout his life. It requires a great effort to break out of that comfort zone in order to even try doing something for the first time. It is rather insane. It keeps the spontaneity in people’s lives. It relives the passion that dwells inside of them. It unleashes the desire to live. It quenches the thirst for life. It is what keeps the world moving.

Therefore, I am creating this first blog post to instigate the spontaneity in my life. I am facing the barrier of my comfort zone. I am going to step out of it. I am committing myself to the unreachable perfection that has plagued over billions and trillions of souls. This is my first time. This is my perfection.

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