Across and Beyond.

As it is already all over the internet and other forms of media, I am going to repeat it again. The New York Giants won the 2012 Superbowl. I am absolutely ecstatic. Not that I am a keen follower of football. It just feels so nice to pick a random team and root for them all the way, which I did. Plus, my friend’s brother is playing as a linebacker for the Giants. Hello, connection.

Anyway, that’s not all the things I want to cover today. Another thing that I’d like to add is drama. And lots of it. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But last night, after the Superbowl, I was sitting down on my bed randomly surfing the net. Suddenly, I hear muffled sounds. Noises that seem to grow louder and louder by the second. Until, I finally made out what it was. It was a girl sobbing out loud in the room next to mine. It was fairly troubling. I tried to listen in. It sounded like she was talking to someone. Making excuses, I’m not sure. Then finally, a guy shouted at her with very elaborate and decorative cuss words. I was picturing the whole scenario in my head while everything was happening. It was all happening so fast. A serious bump in their relationship, whatever it may be. The pictures in my head were just ever so ghastly to even explain it here. However, as I ever so clearly heard their conversation, I began to realize how the guy is a complete and total jerk, while the girl is what most people would call a skank (aka whore/bitch. You get the idea, hopefully.) Moments after I had that thought, there was a loud thump. There ends there conversation. The couple left, or so I assumed. After that, they probably went to resolve their issue. Probably not. We will never know. Or at least, I will never know. It’s their relationship. It’s sad how one’s burst of emotion could be misinterpreted by another. At the same time, I came to realize how simple it is to end a relationship when one person  (or both) decides it’s over. Hence, I came to the conclusion how much effort and “love” old married couples go through. I applaud those people for committing themselves to the worst only to stay close enough with the person they find their best in.

By the way, for the record, I wasn’t eavesdropping on purpose. They were just that loud, as college kids with crappy apartments would know. Additionally, I am not insinuating that my apartment is crappy. It’s just that people would easily have a general idea if I did mention that.

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